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I’m back from London where I gave a talk about security evaluation of proprietary network protocols. I had a great time at InfoSecurity Intelligent Defence and BSides London, many thanks for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to speak to so much nice people.

Find the abstract and the download link to the slides after the break.


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Troopers13_101     The final blog in our series “Beyond the Thunderdome: A Review of TROOPERS15” focuses Exploitation & Attacking. With the last of this series we hope we you are already fired up and inspired for what lays a head during our upcoming TROOPERS16 (March 14-18, 2016)! Can’t wait to see you there!


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We hope you are enjoying the ride as we continue our journey through IPv6. Below we have a great mix of talks, slides, and videos in this area posted below. We look forward to hosting more IPv6 (March 14th & 15th) talks next year at TROOPERS16!


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Welcome to the third edition of “Beyond the Thunderdome: A Review of TROOPERS15”. The focus today is on IPv6 and Data Center Networks, so kick back and enjoy the following talks and videos. And as always, check out our website for details on TROOPERS16 March 14-18, 2016. (more…)

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Today’s focus in our blog series will cover large-scale environments: Cryptography in Cloud environments and Network Automation. Since these topics will only become more important over time stay tuned for our TROOPERS16’s developing agenda to see what new talks will be available (or submit your own talk during our Call for Papers starting in August via our new CFP Submission tool!) (more…)

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HackInTheBox and Haxpo – 2014

Haxpo Overview 2014

Haxpo Overview 2014

Past month we (which is me and a group of other ERNW students, supported by some of the “old” guys — I hope my team lead won’t yell at me for this 😉 ) attended the Haxpo and Hack in the Box in Amsterdam. Starting from 28. May, we had three days at this great conference (HITB) and exposition (Haxpo). The two events took place in the former building of the stock exchange in Amsterdam, called: “Beurs van Berlage”. Upon entering the building for the first time we were given details on where our booth was and where the talks would take place — setting up our booth and planning the shifts was just another thing to do before exploring the Haxpo area:

From left to right: Sebastian, Burak and Heinrich at the ERNW booth

From left to right: Sebastian, Burak and Heinrich at the ERNW booth


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A quick update on the workshop we’ve just finished at Hack in the Box 2012 Amsterdam:
Due to popular demand we decided to bring the slides online without wasting any more time. The official website of the conference is currently experiencing some problems due to high interest in all the stuff what was released in the last two days. Great conference!

Here you go: HITB2012AMS ERNW VMDK Has Left the Building [PDF, 6MB, link fixed]

Enjoy and feel free to express your thoughts in the comments.

Best greetings from Amsterdam,
Florian & the crew

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TROOPERS11 – Slides available

TROOPERS11 slides are available now! Please find them here:

TROOPERS11 was a blast! We received great feedback from all attendees and speakers. This really pushes ourselves towards the next goals and an even better security conference in 2012.

We’re happy that everybody got home safely with new ideas and inspirations in mind. On a side note: The awesome TROOPERS badge caused trouble for some of you with the airport security 😉 I really hope everybody could find a way to take it back home. It will hopefully find its way to an adequate place right next to your old memorabilia (cup of the first won soccer match, your college degree or photos from your first ballet show). Regard it as the proof of your latest achievement and tell everybody proud and loud: WE ARE TROOPERS.

Best regards,

PS: Videos and photos are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Try Loki!

Loki is set free!

Everybody who is interested in our newest tool ‘Loki’ is welcomed to head over to ERNW’s tool section and download it. Take this monster for a spin and let us know in the comments how you like it. Loki’s coding father Daniel is more than happy to answer your questions and criticism.

You don’t even know what Loki is?

In short: An advanced security testing tool for layer 3 protocols.

In long: Have a read in the Blackhat2010 presentation slides and mark TROOPERS11 in your calendar to meet the guys behind the research and for sure get a live demo of the capabilities – development is still ongoing, so prepare yourself for even more supported protocols and attack types.

And again: Talking about TROOPERS11… we’ve already selected the first round of speakers. Details to be published soon :)

Have a great day!

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TROOPERS10 presentation materials finally online

I’m happy to announce that the presentations and a majority of the videos from TROOPERS10 are finally available to you.

You’ll find the slides at the conference’s website, more precisely here. Plenty of videos were uploaded and are now ready for streaming at Enjoy!

Please excuse the long waiting time – this is a big point on our ‘improvements for upcoming events’ list. Talking about improvements: If you have any suggestions, criticism or even praise for past or upcoming events – let us know in the comment section.


PS: At the moment I’m doing the finishing touches to some really nice photos from TROOPERS10. To stay up-to-date please subscribe to our RSS feed or if you’re into twitter: Follow @WEareTROOPERS 😉

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