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A Visual Guide to Day-Con 9

Welcome to Dayton

In mid-October our friend Bryan Fite aka Angus Blitter invited the community for the ninth edition of Day-Con. Bryan’s annual security summit, which we regard as the sister event of TROOPERS, is a pretty good reason to visit lovely Dayton, Ohio.

Day-Con Summit

And so we did… ERNW sent in five delegates. Delegates is Day-Con-speak for all attendees and speakers and such a subtle choice of wording sets the tone for the whole event. People seemed to be really focused and the roundtable-like setting during the talks (see above) provided a cozy atmosphere for in-depth expert chatting.


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DayCon VII

Some of us had the pleasure to participate in this year’s Daycon VII, three days of Real Hacking and Relevant Content, in Dayton, OH. The event began on September 16th with the Packetwars bootcamp. We had the chance to teach some really promising young students and to prepare them for the Packetwars battle that was scheduled four days later. The students had to go through topics like Windows security, network security and web application security both practical and in theory.


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