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After a couple of years in pentesting Telco Networks, I’d like to give you some insight into our pentesting methodology and setup we are using for testing “Mobile and Telecommunication Devices”. I am not talking about pentesting professional providers’ equipment (as in previous blogposts), it is about pentesting of devices that have a modem in place like a lot of IoT devices (you know about the fridge having a GSM Modem, right?) do.

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ss7MAPer – A SS7 pen testing toolkit

While running some SS7 pentests last year, I developed a small tool automating some of the well-known SS7 attack cases. Today I’m releasing the first version of ss7MAPer, a SS7 MAP (pen-)testing toolkit.

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How to Get a BaseStation

In our talks in the past we showed what might be possible if an attacker gets access to backhaul and/or core network of a telecommunication provider. In a security analysts perspective this is really disgusting, but provider always will argument that those attack scenarios are not realistic.


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Pytacle alpha1 released!

Finally it’s here!

pytacle is a tool inspired by tentacle. It automates the task of sniffing GSM frames of the air, extracting the key exchange, feeding kraken with the key material and finally decode/decrypt the voice data. All You need is a USRP (or similar) to capture the GSM band and a kraken instance with the berlin tables (only about 2TB 😉 )

I’ve posted a preview before, take a look at the video to see the tool in action.

The tool is early alpha, so it’s working (for me 😉 ), but it’s neither rock stable nor packaged in any way. But still, I’ll be happy to get bug reports.

BTW, talking about Telco security: There will be another TelcoSecDay on 03/12/2013 at next year’s Troopers! We’ve already some quite interesting talks confirmed.



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