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HackInTheBox and Haxpo – 2014

Haxpo Overview 2014

Haxpo Overview 2014

Past month we (which is me and a group of other ERNW students, supported by some of the “old” guys — I hope my team lead won’t yell at me for this ;) ) attended the Haxpo and Hack in the Box in Amsterdam. Starting from 28. May, we had three days at this great conference (HITB) and exposition (Haxpo). The two events took place in the former building of the stock exchange in Amsterdam, called: “Beurs van Berlage”. Upon entering the building for the first time we were given details on where our booth was and where the talks would take place — setting up our booth and planning the shifts was just another thing to do before exploring the Haxpo area:

From left to right: Sebastian, Burak and Heinrich at the ERNW booth

From left to right: Sebastian, Burak and Heinrich at the ERNW booth


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ShmooCon 2014

Last weekend, from 17 to 19 January, ShmooCon was held in Washington, DC. A number of different topics was covered in great talks and we want to give you a short overview of the conference. In the following our favorite talks are briefly summarized.


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Some notes on 30C3

We wish you a happy new year and a good start to 2014. A new year has begun and, just before that, 30C3 took place. I think almost all of you have heard about the congress and its topics. In particukar there was Glenn Greenwald’s keynote or there were new publications/revelations by Jacob Appelbaum, which you will probably have heard about from main media.
But besides of all that, there were really a lot of other interesting talks we want to give you a short introduction to. Overall it was a really good conference this year and a lot of awesome talks. But, like always, it is not possible to see all of them, so here is a short summary of some of our favorites:


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TROOPERS11 – Slides available

TROOPERS11 slides are available now! Please find them here:

TROOPERS11 was a blast! We received great feedback from all attendees and speakers. This really pushes ourselves towards the next goals and an even better security conference in 2012.

We’re happy that everybody got home safely with new ideas and inspirations in mind. On a side note: The awesome TROOPERS badge caused trouble for some of you with the airport security ;) I really hope everybody could find a way to take it back home. It will hopefully find its way to an adequate place right next to your old memorabilia (cup of the first won soccer match, your college degree or photos from your first ballet show). Regard it as the proof of your latest achievement and tell everybody proud and loud: WE ARE TROOPERS.

Best regards,

PS: Videos and photos are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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